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Ali na, mag LingawSadya ta

September 22, 2023

Suroy na sa BALAMBAN! 🎉
⌚️ 4:00 PM Street Dancing traversing the Poblacion road going to the Municipal Sports Oval.
⌚️ 7:00 pm Ritual Competition at the Municipal Sports Oval Grand Stage.
Lingaw-Sadya- from the words “Lingaw” meaning enjoy and “Sadya” meaning lively. The festival depicts the character and personality of the people of Balamban. They always look at the bright side of everything. They are fond of enjoyment and happiness we always find a reason to rejoice. Every occasion and every milestone of their lives, even how small it may be, they always find time to gather family and friends and celebrate. Even with sickness and death, despite the sadness, the people of Balamban still manage to celebrate the little things. They always choose to celebrate life.
🕺Ali na, mag LingawSadya ta!💃