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Balamban’s pride Mariam Jubel “Mahriyumm” Cabañero

June 20, 2023
Mariam was still in her mid-teens when Olympus Academy, the first book of the series, was published under Psicom Publishing in 2016. Aside from being an e-book, the novel also had physical copies released.
The 22-year-old author decided to write her own Greek mythology-inspired stories when she realized there weren’t too many of them online.
“I started it all after I finished reading Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan. Soon enough, I got hooked with Greek Mythology. I was also a Wattpader, kaya naisipan kong gumawa ng fantasy story about Greek Myth but Filipino version,” she wrote in an Instagram post.
Mariam’s fantasy saga has been given a solid 4.33/5 average rating by Goodreads, a social cataloging website in the United States. Three titles are on the pipeline, with Book 2: The Elysian Oracle available to the public very soon.
🔗 Read Olympus Academy on Wattpad: