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Barangay Nangka is a part of 28 Barangays in the Municipality of Balamban, Province of Cebu. It is Geographically located in the northwestern part of Cebu, with a total land area of 525 square hectares, having longitudinal distance of 3.5 kilometers from the Poblacion, and whose territorial boundaries are set with rivers, creeks and land areas.  Its soil is suitable for a variety of types of plant industry, attributed to its loamy in nature.  A total of 300 hectares covered by agricultural land and 11 hectares are presently occupied by industrial institutions.  Approximately 17.0 hectares are used for various commercial institutions, 100 hectares are occupied by residential housing, and 97 hectares are currently used for Timber land. Considered as alienable and disposable lots are the swampy areas at the seashores which are temporarily leased to some of the residents for their nipa, bakhaw or mangrove planting.

The barangay consists of 1504 households for the total population

The barangay consists of 1,504 households with a total population of 6,193 as of the 2017 survey. There were 3,245 males and 2,948 females, a difference of 136 infants. According to data in the Rural Health Center, 58 males and 78 females were born on May 1, 2018.Approximately 10% of families have relocated to other areas in search of greener pastures. However, this is currently being filled by approximately 12% of families who migrated to the barangay from other areas.

 It has a concretely build national road traversing the barangay, which is around 1,000 meters in length, with three barangay feeder roads connecting it.  The first barangay road connecting the highway is bound to Sitio’s Lamak and Bangbang and has an estimated length of 1,200 meters of which 200 meters is concreted, while the other one is the oldest feeder road and is awes commercial road bound to Sitio Immaculada and the adjacent Barangay Biasong and to the mountain barangays of northeastern part of Balamban and Asturias, having an approximate length of 2,500 meters. Parts are concreted, while the rest are all-weathered.  The barangay is made up of two linked concretely built bridges; the old Nangka-Combado bridge and the box-culvert type near the Nangka Elementary School.  And a newly open barangay road with a width of 6 meters  traverses from the National Highway to the Cebu Normal University Extension,  connecting the Old Sitio’s Immaculada road around 2.5 kilometers.

The barangay maintains a current bank account and is currently pursuing its development plan. For the calendar year 2019, Barangay Nangka has an Internal Revenue Allotment of Php 5,198,392.00, with a share of Real Property Tax of Php 60,000.00 and a subsidy of Php 2,000.00 from other LGUs. It has a sand and gravel share worth 150,000.

Assorted types of establishments can be found in Barangay Nangka, such as sari-sari store, carenderias, tricycle and trisikad operations, and an aggregate crusher.  The means of transportation are insufficient to service the riding public due to the condition of the pavement, except the road bound for Sitio Immaculada, which suffers from extensive road depressions and difficulties.

Potable water supply is also adequate for the residents along the national road, utilizing the two units free flowing deepwells.  However, a water problem arises at the shore side sitio where water is of poor quality and unsafe for drinking.  However, there are 6 deepwells in the barangay premises that are operating and functional. Around 80 percent of Barangay Nangka residents are members of Balamban Water District.

There was 2 percent of the barangay population had been benefited by the government electrifications program and 1 percent are utilizing kerosene gas while the remaining 97 percent were energized by the CEBECO III.

The government provides education for the barangay and neighboring barangays, such as the 32 room Elementary School building, which has 46 faculty members, including principal, and 1,428 students enrolled as of CY 2018, with 754 boys and 672 girls.  For the year 2018, a High school education was an independent institution, named Nangka National High School, with 48 school rooms having 67 faculty members, with 2,197 enrollees, 1,135 boys and 1,062 girls.

Barangay Nangka had 3 Day Care Centers, namely, Proper Nangka Day Care Center with 55 enrollees, of which 26 are boys and 29 are girls; Lamak Day Center with 52 enrollees, of which 27 are boys and 25 are girls; Immaculada Day Care Center with 28 enrollees, of which 14 are boys and 14 are girls for CY 2018.

Barangay Nangka also had Kinder Classes with 4 rooms inside the Elementary School Campus and has 4 teachers with 199 enrollees, there are 109 boys and 90 are girls as of this CY 2018.

Barangay Nangka has an institution which is the Cebu Normal University, with 10 classrooms and 8 faculty members. With an enrollment of 368, there are 60 boys and 308 girls.  The school offered courses like BEED, BSED, and Bachelor of Tourism Management.  It has an area of 20,000 sq.mtrs. of lot.

The Barangay holds different religion sectors, there are 96 percent Roman Catholic devotees while the remaining 4 percent is shared by the Pentecostal, Protestants, Iglesia ni Cristo and Jehova’s Witnesses religions.

As the town of Balamban’s business enterprises continue to thrive, migration is unavoidable, resulting in massive population growth.

Names of the Elected & Appointed Barangay Officials (2018-2020)




Term of Office

Hon. Pablo P. Tagalog

Punong Barangay


Last Term

Hon. Angelita P. Aves

SBM, Committee Chair on Appropriation Ordinance


First Term

Hon. Myra Juliet P. Suplac

SBM, Committee Chair on Education


Second Term

Hon. Corwen L. Estan

SBM, Committee Chair on Peace & Order


Second Term

Hon. Ryan Anthony T. Dinoy

SBM, Committee Chair on Infrastructure


First Term

Hon. Jocelyn T. Badili

SBM, Committee Chair on Agriculture & Womens & Family


Last Term

Hon. Wendell A. Rosario

SBM, Committee Chair on Health & Solid Waste


First Term

Hon. Vincent P. Tagalog Jr.

SBM, Committee Chair on Laws & Ordinances & Environment


First Term

Hon. Kim L. Mangitngit

Chair, Sangguniang Kabataan


First Term

Mrs. Ma. Aracele M. Ariate

Barangay Secretary



Mrs. Rosemarie A. Laurente

Barangay Treasurer



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