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Congratulations BJMP Balamban

September 9, 2023

LGU Balamban salutes your efforts and commitment to serve at your best for the well-being and development of the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDLs)
Read here from the FB post BJMP Balamban MJ 👇
All of the time and effort put forth throughout the entire year was acknowledged as the Balamban Municipal Jail was recognized as the “BEST MUNICIPAL JAIL OF THE YEAR” Region Top Choice Award of the BJMP Region VII’s Best for the calendar year 2023.
Congratulations to the unit’s Custodial Team, Escorting team, Welfare Development Officers, Searcher’s team, and Administrative Personnel.
This honor would not have been possible without your unfailing support and commitment. Congratulations once again to the whole Balamban Municipal Jail personnel.
A special award was also given to the Balamban Local Government Unit, which was represented by Hon. Jeodell Pilapil, SB member, during the previously mentioned event. We would like to express our gratitude to Hon. Ace Stefen V. Binghay, Municipal Mayor of Balamban, for his steadfast support of all jail programs aimed at safeguarding and fostering the growth of PDLs into responsible citizens in order to facilitate their successful reintegration back into society and contribute to the establishment of a more peaceful and secure community.
As a persistent leader and multiple-awardee Municipal Jail Warden, JCINSP MOISES G SURALTA achieved his most esteemed award at the BJMP Region VII’s Best for the calendar year 2023, in which he was honored as the “BEST MUNICIPAL JAIL WARDEN OF THE YEAR” at the Marco Polo Plaza in Cebu Nivel Hills, Cebu City. Applause, Sir! We admire your leadership in guiding us through the year Sir! We’re extremely happy with you! Again, Congratulations Sir!
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