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Hatud Pangalagad sa Sitio Sangkil, Brgy. Cabasiangan, Balamban

August 26, 2022
Agosto 26 – Hatud Pangalagad sa Sitio Sangkil, Brgy. Cabasiangan, Balamban
Mao kini ang mga libreng serbisyo nga gidala sa LGU-Balamban kauban ang PNP, BFP, BJMP, Army ug PhilSys (National ID) sa atong nga kaigsuonan sa brgy. Cabasiangan.
Ang mosunod mao ang mga opisina nga nagtanyag sa mga libreng serbisyo ug ang mga nakabenipisyo niini:
I. Municipal Civil Registrar
a. PSA documents – 50
b. Certificate of No Marriage(CENOMAR)– 2
c. Local Birth Certificates – 9
d. Delayed Registration – 10
II. Agriculture
a. Livestock program
➡️5 liters Abendazole (dewormer) ang nahatag alang sa 79 ka livestock raisers
b. Dogs vaccinated – 5 heads
c. Corn Program
➡️ 36 kgs of corn seeds for 10 corn farmers
d. High Value Crops Development Program
➡️275 packs of assorted vegetables seeds for the 135 farmers
III. Medical Services
a. Medical Consultation – 56
b. COVID-19 vaccination – 17
c. Tuli – 5
d. Random Blood Sugar Testing – 41
e. Blood typing – 41
f. Tooth filling/restoration – 5
g. Dental Check-up – 25
h. Tooth Extraction – 15
i. Medicines Dispensed – 59
a. Senior Citizens Registration w/ ID – 7
b. SC registration to Philhealth – 7
c. PWD ID -4
d. Solo Parent ID – 5
e. Creative Workshop for children – 40
V. Police Clearance with CEDULA -9
VI. TUPI – 76
VII. ID Pictures – 308
VIII. Assorted Vitamins
135 packs
IX. PhilSys National ID – 20
X. Others
a. BJMP free school supplies, booking reading & art activities with MSWD
b. PNP feeding and free “ tsinelas” for children
c. Leaflet distributions from BFP,MDRRM
d. MENRO –local & overseas employment info drive
– Leaflets distribution on environmental issues, waste management & proper composting