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Please Beware of Scammers

August 24, 2023

Reports were forwarded to the Bb. Balamban Fiesta EXECOM that there are certain individuals who are using the name of the EXECOM, the LGU Balamban and the name of our Mayor, Ace Stefan Binghay, in soliciting for the coming fiesta celebration. PLEASE BEWARE of these SCAMMERS! Official letters of sponsorships were given duly signed by our Chairperson, Dr. Marie Therese Angele Binghay and Mayor Ace Stefan Binghay with the clear instructions on how to be a sponsor. Nobody is tasked to collect said sponsorships other than the EXECOM Treasurer, Ms. Ma. Linda Alasco and is covered with an official receipt as proof of sponsorship and follow ups are done by EXECOM officers Joeselle Tonday and Greggy Borgonia ONLY. Kindly report to the LGU or to Bb. Balamban Fiesta EXECOM any person posing as staff of the LGU Balamban or EXECOM by sending us a message. Please help us stop these SCAMMERS! Amping tanan.