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Press Release May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023

Office of Civil Defense advises netizens and general public not to “share’ or disseminate Fake News or information regarding Supertyphoon “Mawar” as it causes panic and confusion.
Today, Mayor Ace Stefan V also visited. Revived all the captains of Balamban through a memorandum regarding the preparation of typhoon Mawar or Betty (local name).
Based on the Public Weather Forecast and analysis by Dost_pagasa, it is possible to enter PAR Friday evening or Saturday morning, it has no direct impact on the country since it will not make landfall but the entire Visayas is currently experiencing a downpour to cloudy sky along with a blizzard torrential rain or lightning due to “Southwest” or “Southwest Monsoon”.
That’s why Mayor Ace urges all captains to prepare, including the movement of Barangay DRRM and task force.
While the weather continues to improve, everyone is advised to be prepared especially those living in dangerous areas such as rivers, rivers, beaches and shores.
We are always vigilant with the passage of time. Thank you so much.